Thursday, January 19, 2006

Processing in Parts

Musings and writings by a young autistic adult.
Processing in Parts

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Houston Autism February 2006 Meetup

Please join The Houston Autism Meetup Group as we kick off 2006 with the formation of an amazing new forum for friends and family members of individuals with autism, Asperger's syndrome, or PDD-NOS.
The Houston Autism February Meetup - The Houston Autism Meetup Group -

Autism Meetup Groups: Parents of Children with Autism, events, and clubs in your area

Autism Meetup Groups: Parents of Children with Autism, events, and clubs in your area -

Aim High Academy

Aim High Academy is an innovative school for children and adolescents who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). We are located in the heart of Houston near Bellaire, Texas, and provide highly enriched, intensive instruction to help students achieve success in language, social, and problem solving skills.
Aim High Academy - Home

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Asperger's Connection

The Asperger's Connection is an inter-active web site that allows individuals with Asperger's Syndrome, their families and anyone with an interest in Asperger's to interact and support one another as well as share ideas and problem solving strategies and suggestions. The web site is also intended to create access for professionals and public policy makers so they can learn directly from primary and secondary consumers.

Several components are available on the web site: threaded discussions for consumers and family members, threaded discussions for professionals and policy makers to use to solicit comment from members of the Asperger's community, Ask the Expert panels in which people with Asperger's, family members and professionals will be available throughout the year to respond directly to questions posed by visitors to the site, and short courses on the web for people with Asperger's, family members and professionals.
Asperger's Connection


ASPIE is a parent and professional support group serving the Greater Houston area that was created to provide information sharing and support to the many families and professionals who live and work with individuals with Asperger's Syndrome.

Our goal is to foster awareness and understanding of this unique condition and to support, assist and help educate the many people who are connected in some way to AS. We hope to serve as a first-line resource for anyone needing up-to-date and accurate information on Asperger's Syndrome and the many issues that surround it.

At each monthly ASPIE meeting, speakers share information on a variety of Asperger's-related topics. In addition, time is devoted to questions and answers and networking with other parents and professionals. (See Schedule page for future speakers/topics)

ASPIE "Parent Partners" - veteran AS parents - are available at each meeting and by phone to speak with anyone who might have AS-related questions specific to their child or situation. ASPIE also provides a "Parent Packet" to members containing valuable Asperger's-related resources for the Houston area.

ASPIE is currently in the process of putting together an Advisory Board of local and national AS experts to advise and consult with the group on an ongoing basis. In the future, ASPIE hopes to organize and host a conference on Asperger's Syndrome which will include some of the leading experts in the field and become an annual Houston event.

We invite parents, family-members, friends, teachers, school-based therapists, private practitioners, physicians and anyone else who might impact the life of an individual with Asperger's Syndrome to attend our monthly meetings and become a member of ASPIE.
About Us

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stats for this blog

(I might be the only one interested in these :-) )

Since November 17, 2005 there have been 804 new visitors.

348 folks from Google, 152 directly, 108 from Yahoo!, 97 from MSN and 36 from

Below is a sampling of cities from around the world that have visited the blog recently (I *think* in the last 7 days only) (sorry it is kinda long) -

City Visits
Houston 63, Scottdale 33, Aliso Viejo 9, Suffolk 8, Seymour 8, Las Vegas 7, Shawford 7, Washington 7, Spring 7, Toronto 6, Mountain View 6, Enid 6, Austin 6, London 5, Seattle 5, Boca Raton 5, Lancaster 5, Tucson 4, New York 4, Plano 4, Meriden 4, Minneapolis 4, Milwaukee 4, Slough 4, Calgary 4, Oklahoma City 3, Ottawa 3, Katy 3, Brooklyn 3, Reston 3, Atlanta 3, Tulsa 3, Long Island City 3, Oxford 3, Rofessart 3, Houston 3, Los Angeles 3, Mount Laurel 3, Palatine 3, Providence 3, Memphis 3, Schaumburg 3, Milledgeville 3, Livingston 3, Victoria 3, Cleveland 3, Frankfort 3, Pittsburgh 3, Princeton 2, Malvern 2, Delavan 2, Columbia 2, Hartley 2, York 2, Deschênes 2, Astoria 2, Cranberry Township 2, London 2, Shaw Afb 2, Almería 2, Waltham 2, Southfield 2, Timmins 2, Tampa 2, Charlotte 2, Stockton 2, San Antonio 2, Lake Oswego 2, Brasília 2, Eaton 2, Madison 2, Buffalo 2, Owingsville 2, Atlanta 2, Irvine 2, Miami 2, Saint Louis 2, Grant 2, Irving 2, Woburn 2, Sheffield 2, Asheville 2, Scottsdale 2, Fort Lauderdale 2, Washington 2, Vancouver 2, Baltimore 2, Monterey Park 2, Madison 2, Halifax 2, Denver 2, Kansas City 2, Edmonton 2, Bruner 2, Sacramento 2, Leeds 2, Springfield 2, Smyrna 2, Columbus 2