Wednesday, April 02, 2008

World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day


Dayna said...

I live in Houston and my son was just evaluated by the school system. He did beautifully--he's awesome when engaged in one on activities, outside that though, it's a different story. In school settings it's far from one-on-one, so they're testing techniques don't seem to be very realistic. Have you experienced this? He's gotten a lot better just by adding more Omega-3 compounds and cutting sugar almost entirely really helped my son, along with a diet rich in legumes and nuts, and 2 servings of grass-fed meats, has worked well so far. I would have never found your blog had I not been doing research for Heal Sick Children, a campaign for Texas Children's. I'm working this campaign because I think what they're doing is awesome. They're building a neurological research center in Katy, specifically geared toward neuro disorders like autism, aspergers, fragile x, rhetts, etc. By the looks of the research, it's desperately needed. What do you think? Is there anything bloggers can do to help? I was thinking of asking the doctors to blog about it, when the word gets around a bit.

Stuff Asperger People Like said...

Following the steps of other "Stuff People Like" Websites, Stuff Asperger People Like has been started.

Meant as a satirical and humorous approach to describe what is known as "Aspie culture,"-technies, the special interest, etc., etc.

poobear said...

i have a great dane who is theropy certified aaa & aat with akc & delta society. we visit shriners children hosp many nurcing homes brookwood and other facilities. i want to get involved in houston area doing theropy with people who have autisum. i was given the name of aim high academy but any other help, where i could let this special animal do special things for others please advise